Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Untrue Love Story~ ^_^

This time I feel like want to make a story ‘bout love..
First of all,,im sorry if my English are messy n not a proper English..
Okay,,let the story begin~~

Anne have been crushed to a guy named Lewis but she feel shy to express her feeling toward him..
However,,she's head over heels with Lewis..
Instead from taking a risk by go-to-Lewis-and-tell-him-i-love-u,,Anne takes the other ways by staring at him secretly,,get his phone number n calls him and hang up the call..
Sometimes she did want to mms him a picture like this..

But she don’t have the courage to do that..

One day,,Lewis come near to Anne n ask her to hang together to study a lessons n do assignments that their lecturer gave that morning since they are in the same class n Anne is one of the smartest student in their class..
Anne,,without thinking twice,,she gave a “YES” answer..(in proper n covering her excitement way)

During the study-group (literally there’s no no else besides them),,Lewis,,with his eyes staring on his laptop n fingers typing words words n words,,he suddenly asks Anne,,”is *phone numbers* is ur digits??
Anne startled with the question,,and try to keep silence,,pretend not to hear a word that Lewis said..
For the second time,,Lewis asks her..
Now,,she have to answer it..
“ sorry if it’s bothering u”,Anne answered n packing her things to get going..
But,,Lewis stop her n,,”No,,u are not bothering fact,,im happy with that”,he said to Anne..
Again,,Anne is startled..”What are u trying to means?”,said Anne..
Lewis then answers,,“I saw u always staring at me n when I look at u,,u will face other u like me?”
Anne:”Urr~”,she’s speechless..
Lewis:”No worry,,just tell me”.
Anne:”Urrrrr~”,(this time it’s a bit longer).
Lewis:”It’s okay,,don’t be shy..urm,,will u answer me if I tell u,,im in love with u??”.
Anne look at Lewis’ face n give a ‘do-u-really-mean-it?’ face to him.
Lewis as if knows what is the face’s meaning straight away tell her,,”Yes,,since the first day u moved in here..i did want to tell u,,but I was afraid if u will not accepting me since they call me a womanizer..i am not a womanizer!”.
He continues..”Seriously not a womanizer!they are the one who came to me,,n I don’t want to hurt their feelings by asking her to not to disturb me again..but I did tell them that im in love with someone,,my heart has been stolen by someone..when they asked,,I said it’s u who stole my heart..”
Anne feels so happy to hear that n answer Lewis’ question..
“Yes..i started to like u since u save me from fel down on the floor that day”.
“And I do want to tell u too,,but as a girl I should act like i??”,both of them laugh together n Anne tell Lewis something that kind of funny thing..
“U know what?i used to type a messages to tell u that u are my dream guy,,I like u,,I love u,,I really want to see u,,but ,I don’t have the courage to sent it to u,,so I delete them..”she smiles..
Lewis:”Urr,,it’s okay for a girl to do that,,but do u want to know ‘bout me too??i also used to dialed ur number n before it’s ringing,,I straight away hang up the phone..”,again,,they both laugh n suddenly Lewis asked Anne,,
“Well,,are we now a couple?huhu”..
“Urm..i guess so hoonnneeeyyyyy~~”,,Anne said..
“What?u just called me with honey?i love u dear”,said Lewis..
They then packing up all their things n get going from there together while holding each other’s hand..

p/s:- mianhae if the story is quite blurry..

                I wish my love story will begin like this..heheh J

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