Thursday, 30 June 2011

Korean Wave~


well,,semua orang taw sekarang musim kpop..
anything we do mesti ada kaitan dngan kpop..
(except for those yg a bit old-minded)
nae omma,,appa,,nuna,,namdonsaeng,,n sachon pun tengok n layan kpop..
i just fall in love with one korean radio frequency channel(urr,,betul ke susunan perkataan ni eak??hahah)
it's call Cast.CC
memang best~
mcm non-stop jee~
(mcm je dulu cz xtaw lg jap2 lg ade iklan ke x..heheh)
lagu diorang mainkan pun,,fuhh~
so refreshing~
super awesome lah!!
sblum try Cast.CC td try KBS World Radio,,tp channel 2 mcm potpetpotpet..
(apekah??siap nk letak - kan??hahahah)

p/s:- sorry~ tp xphm nape they xleyh trime kpop songs.. -.-??

*has been edited at 02.10a.m n it is non-stop playing musics..*
Cast.CC saranghamnida!!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Untrue Love Story~ ^_^

This time I feel like want to make a story ‘bout love..
First of all,,im sorry if my English are messy n not a proper English..
Okay,,let the story begin~~

Anne have been crushed to a guy named Lewis but she feel shy to express her feeling toward him..
However,,she's head over heels with Lewis..
Instead from taking a risk by go-to-Lewis-and-tell-him-i-love-u,,Anne takes the other ways by staring at him secretly,,get his phone number n calls him and hang up the call..
Sometimes she did want to mms him a picture like this..

But she don’t have the courage to do that..

One day,,Lewis come near to Anne n ask her to hang together to study a lessons n do assignments that their lecturer gave that morning since they are in the same class n Anne is one of the smartest student in their class..
Anne,,without thinking twice,,she gave a “YES” answer..(in proper n covering her excitement way)

During the study-group (literally there’s no no else besides them),,Lewis,,with his eyes staring on his laptop n fingers typing words words n words,,he suddenly asks Anne,,”is *phone numbers* is ur digits??
Anne startled with the question,,and try to keep silence,,pretend not to hear a word that Lewis said..
For the second time,,Lewis asks her..
Now,,she have to answer it..
“ sorry if it’s bothering u”,Anne answered n packing her things to get going..
But,,Lewis stop her n,,”No,,u are not bothering fact,,im happy with that”,he said to Anne..
Again,,Anne is startled..”What are u trying to means?”,said Anne..
Lewis then answers,,“I saw u always staring at me n when I look at u,,u will face other u like me?”
Anne:”Urr~”,she’s speechless..
Lewis:”No worry,,just tell me”.
Anne:”Urrrrr~”,(this time it’s a bit longer).
Lewis:”It’s okay,,don’t be shy..urm,,will u answer me if I tell u,,im in love with u??”.
Anne look at Lewis’ face n give a ‘do-u-really-mean-it?’ face to him.
Lewis as if knows what is the face’s meaning straight away tell her,,”Yes,,since the first day u moved in here..i did want to tell u,,but I was afraid if u will not accepting me since they call me a womanizer..i am not a womanizer!”.
He continues..”Seriously not a womanizer!they are the one who came to me,,n I don’t want to hurt their feelings by asking her to not to disturb me again..but I did tell them that im in love with someone,,my heart has been stolen by someone..when they asked,,I said it’s u who stole my heart..”
Anne feels so happy to hear that n answer Lewis’ question..
“Yes..i started to like u since u save me from fel down on the floor that day”.
“And I do want to tell u too,,but as a girl I should act like i??”,both of them laugh together n Anne tell Lewis something that kind of funny thing..
“U know what?i used to type a messages to tell u that u are my dream guy,,I like u,,I love u,,I really want to see u,,but ,I don’t have the courage to sent it to u,,so I delete them..”she smiles..
Lewis:”Urr,,it’s okay for a girl to do that,,but do u want to know ‘bout me too??i also used to dialed ur number n before it’s ringing,,I straight away hang up the phone..”,again,,they both laugh n suddenly Lewis asked Anne,,
“Well,,are we now a couple?huhu”..
“Urm..i guess so hoonnneeeyyyyy~~”,,Anne said..
“What?u just called me with honey?i love u dear”,said Lewis..
They then packing up all their things n get going from there together while holding each other’s hand..

p/s:- mianhae if the story is quite blurry..

                I wish my love story will begin like this..heheh J

Thursday, 2 June 2011



there's nothing more for me to say 'bout this song..
it's super awesome!!

i pun xsure my feeling bila dengar lagu or tengok mv lagu ni..
sometimes rasa nak nangis cz sedih betul mv die..
sometimes rasa bangga cz B2ST berjaya menghasilkan lagu-lagu yang gila awesome!
lagu2 B2ST memang daebak laa!~
love it!!

Rainy Days pun best sangat..

Yo Seob hyung kyopta and jjang!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011



i have something to share with u guys and girls..
if you all can notice,,
(masuk melayu plak lah..haha)
klau anda anda anda dan anda perasan,,
klau ade hyung2(abang2) or nuna2(kakak2) yg kyopta(cute) lalu depan mata dngan kwan2 diorang..
mesti akan perasan satu perangai atau tabiat atau fiil(cheh,,fiil gitu!) yang xdapat dipisahkan dari diri mereka..
nak taw x??
teka lah..
klau btul rm10 k..
xyah ler,,da nk gtaw pun nie..

urm,,diorang selalu klau mcm kawan mereka(sekejap dorang,,sekejap mereka..haiz~) tersepak,,tersandung atau jong2 inai mak ipung raja wali..sepak tunggul inai berdarah ibu kaki(contohnye^^),,mereka mesti akan menggunakan beberapa ayat seperti siak(i perbaikkan ayat 2 yang berakhir dngan l),,piggy(i perbaikkan dngan translate kan ke eng),,dan yang sama angkatan dengannye~ ^^
mesti berlaku benda ni,,(segelintir je TIDAK)..walaupun muke se-handsome 
dan se-beauty 
mesti ada sesaat,,sedetik lebih(anuar zain) mereka berkelakuan begitu..
ye tidak??

kesian(sekian laa maksudnye 2)~
terima kasih..
gomaweo~ ^__^
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