Thursday, 30 June 2011

Korean Wave~


well,,semua orang taw sekarang musim kpop..
anything we do mesti ada kaitan dngan kpop..
(except for those yg a bit old-minded)
nae omma,,appa,,nuna,,namdonsaeng,,n sachon pun tengok n layan kpop..
i just fall in love with one korean radio frequency channel(urr,,betul ke susunan perkataan ni eak??hahah)
it's call Cast.CC
memang best~
mcm non-stop jee~
(mcm je dulu cz xtaw lg jap2 lg ade iklan ke x..heheh)
lagu diorang mainkan pun,,fuhh~
so refreshing~
super awesome lah!!
sblum try Cast.CC td try KBS World Radio,,tp channel 2 mcm potpetpotpet..
(apekah??siap nk letak - kan??hahahah)

p/s:- sorry~ tp xphm nape they xleyh trime kpop songs.. -.-??

*has been edited at 02.10a.m n it is non-stop playing musics..*
Cast.CC saranghamnida!!

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