Sunday, 10 July 2011

Err~ Have u ever been in this situations before??

Annyeong Hashimnikka~

Pernah tak anda anda dan perabot jati ANDA terlihat,,ternampak,,terbabit dalam keadaan macam ni??

1.Keep updating fb's status (every seconds)..
-'im now with my special..'(02.23p.m)
-'wow!she grab my hand!(happy2!!)..'(02.30p.m)
-'we're heading to the restaurant..'(02.35p.m)
-'ouhh~ her wallet fall on the floor..poor's ok dear,,i'll take it for u..'(02.39p.m)
-'we continue walking..1step..2steps..3steps..blablabla steps..'(02.42p.m)
-'we are now arrive at the restaurant..(hungry~)'(02.56p.m)
-'i asked her what she want to eat..she let me choose it for so sweet~~'(03.01p.m)
-'sorry..but she won't let me use my phone when eating..she's so sweet~ isn't she?^_^'(04.00p.m)
-'we're going back..T__T i'll miss her~ TT__TT'(04.24p.m)
-'ok..byee~ i want to text with her..'(04.31p.m)
                                           WTH??why don't they just make their on show for this??

2.Keep logging in fb's account n logging it out back..
-'oh man!he's on the line..*logout*'(09.00a.m)
-'*login* oh sheet~ it's her.. *logout*'(10.01a.m)
-'*login again,,again n again..* it's her..*logout*'s him..*logout*'s her n him n her/him..*logout AGAIN*'(11.00a.m-10.00p.m)
      Geez~ tell u what,,just block the person or BLOCK YOURSELF FROM USING FACEBOOK~ ok??

3.Keep using abusive's words/something that kinda 'new-to-us' words like derr,,etc..(to anyone)
-'hey are u today?'(to Raju-friend)
-'(in malay)b**i ah kau s**l!.aku jumpa kau nanti,,siap ah kau 'derr'..tunggu nasib kau eyh l*****t..'(to Mail-friend)
-'deh macha..why u didn't approve my friend request la??'(to Chong-stranger)
    OMO..can't u just swallow that words??or just say it in front of the mirror?so that it can turn back to u..

Okay..since i already forgot what's more to type,,i just end it here..

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